Auto spray guns

Dedicated to a water-soluble panel cassette. There are wide variety, such as the fixed nozzle type, the sphere type which can change the spraying direction, wide and spot type nozzles.

●Fix Type Splay Data
●Ball Joint Type Splay Data

◾️YCD Series
It is available for fixed spray for small machines and a rod-type spray cassette.
◾️YKL Series
It is available for fixed spray for large machines. A mist pattern is modifiable by changing a nozzle cap.
◾️YHM Series
The lightweight type spray gun which can be sprayed detailed. It is available for a rod-type cassette.
◾️YCS Series
It is available in a variety of purposes and applications, such as the panel cassette for robots, the manifold cassette for rise-and-fall types, etc.
◾️WFS Series / YUS Series
The spray guns dedicated to Undiluted solution release agent–A mist from minute mist 0.05cc/s is possible.

Manual spray guns

◾️Manual spray guns
It can be made upon request in any length. There is lightweight aluminum pipe model (YR-type)

Spray equipments

◾️Spray equipments
We can produce sprays from the small one for the hot chamber till 1000t class big size. A servo motor type is also lineup.

 Cassettes for reciprocating

◾️Cassettes for reciprocating
We can produce various type of cassettes, such as a general copper pipe type and YCS-030 type for the purpose of a little application, according to your needs.

 Copper tube nozzles

◾️Copper tube nozzles
The spraying pattern can be changed by using these nozzles.

 Spray heads for robots

◾️Spray heads for robots
We produce it on your request size and coating method machine weight capacity.